Perfect for Christmas 2023: VINNE's foundation is a thoughtful gift with its long-lasting, radiant finish.

Brighten Your Winter: Perfect Your Look with VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation!

As winter approaches, our skin demands more meticulous care. At the heart of this seasonal change is the 'VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation', a must-have item for your makeup routine, set to transform your winter and transitional skincare regimen.

 Transform your winter makeup with VINNE's cushion foundation, offering SPF50 and natural coverage

Perfect Coverage, Radiant Skin: VINNE's 'Korean cushion foundation' boasts impressive coverage. It provides natural coverage and the coveted 'dewy cushion foundation' finish, giving you 'glowing dewy skin in less than 30 seconds'.


Winter Skin Protection is Key: Featuring SPF50, this cushion foundation offers strong UV protection. Even winter sun can be harsh on our skin, making this foundation an essential part of preventing skin aging and maintaining skin health during colder months.


Long-Lasting Effect: The VINNE cushion foundation is known for its enduring effect. Ideal for everyday makeup, special events, or work, its compact size also allows for easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere.


A Perfect Gift for the Festive Season: With Christmas around the corner, if you are pondering over 'christmas gifts', this foundation is a perfect choice to gift your loved ones. Celebrate 'christmas 2023' by giving the gift of healthy, glowing skin.

 VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation: Ideal for winter skin care, providing glowing, dewy skin in seconds.

VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation is ready to revolutionize your winter makeup routine. Now, you too can boost your confidence with radiant skin this winter. Choose between #23 Natural Beige and #21 Light Beige to match your skin tone and illuminate your winter!



Transform your winter makeup routine with VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation, the perfect choice for achieving radiant, glowing skin in seconds. Its SPF50 formula protects against harsh winter UV rays, making it an ideal gift for Christmas 2023, suitable for all with shades #23 Natural Beige and #21 Light Beige."

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