Radiant, non-sticky tint with Vinne's premium lip care balm

Discover the Magic of Christmas with Vinne Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm – The Ultimate Christmas Beauty Essential!

What is Vinne Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm?


Vinne Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm is the perfect gift for the holiday season, and it comes with remarkable multifunctional features.

Elegant Vinne lip balm with nourishing ingredients, vegan-certified 


5-in-1 Functionality: Vinne Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm offers deep moisturization, plumping effects, elegant tinting, nutrient supply, and exfoliation all in one.


Premium Ingredients: Packed with Genuine Borfirin from French Cedema at 50,000ppm, 7 types of vegetable fermented oil, oligohyaluronic acid, and 5 essential vitamins for profound lip nourishment.


Certified Clean Beauty: Vegan-certified by Italy's V-LABEL, our lip balm is free from animal ingredients and promotes a standard of clean beauty.


Natural & Elegant Coloration: Achieve moisturized, vibrant lips with colors that are naturally radiant and sophisticated without any stickiness.


Safety First: Fragrance-free and devoid of 13 harmful ingredients, ensuring a safe and gentle application every time.


Beyond Traditional Balm: Our formula goes beyond the limits of traditional lip balms, ensuring a transformative lip care experience with every application.


No More Lip Worries: Address concerns like wrinkled and thin lips, fading lip color, and dryness. With Vinne, achieve fuller and more vibrant lips that last.


Skin-loving Ingredients: Enriched with oligohyaluronic acid, our lip balm offers the deep hydration of a mask, the glow of the best skincare, and the lush coloration of premium lip gloss.


Clean & Vegan Beauty: Adhere to the highest standards of clean beauty. Free from harmful chemicals, our vegan lip balm excludes animal ingredients and is certified by Italy's V-LABEL.


Comprehensive Lip Solution: From serving as a moisturizing chapstick to acting as a tinted lip plumper, Vinne offers the benefits of multiple lip products in one, ensuring value for money.

 Vinne lip balm offering hydration and a subtle tint for Christmas.

The Glow and Mood of Christmas


This Christmas season, choose Vinne Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm as a special gift. It will enhance your lips' beauty and wrap your lips as gently as it does to your skin. Add more glow and charm to Christmas with Vinne!


This Christmas season, choose Vinne Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm as a special gift for a special person. It's not just a simple makeup product; it's a Christmas gift that shows you care. With a range of universal shades suitable for various skin tones - #23 Natural Beige and #21 Light Beige - it's the ideal Christmas present.

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