Long-lasting makeup: VINNE cushion ensures flawless look all day.

The Perfect Pick for Autumn and Transitional Weather: VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation - Exceptional Deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Features and Benefits of VINNE Cushion Foundation

 SPF50 cushion foundation: Protects & perfects, ideal for all skin types

Natural and Dewy Finish: Enriched with SPF50, the VINNE Cushion Foundation offers a natural coverage and a superb dewy finish, achieving "glowing dewy skin in less than 30 seconds."


Superior Coverage: This foundation perfectly covers skin imperfections and blemishes, providing an air-light skin appearance. It’s ideal for mature, dry, or oily skin types.


Enhanced Sun Protection: Containing SPF50, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays, preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation.


Long-Lasting Effect: Suitable for daily use, special events, or work, it boasts long-lasting coverage.


Easy to Carry: Its compact size allows for quick and easy touch-ups anywhere, anytime.


Special Offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


This fall, the VINNE Cushion Foundation comes with special offers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re looking for seasonal makeup essentials. It's also a perfect gift for those around you, offering great value for money.

 VINNE Foundation: Perfect coverage & dewy finish for autumn skin



The VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation is an ideal makeup item for autumn and the changing seasons. Highly recommended for everyone seeking excellent coverage, durability, and a natural finish. Experience perfect makeup this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with VINNE!

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