VINNE's SPF50 cushion: Natural finish for Asian skin with UV shield

VINNE's Korean Cushion Foundation: A Game-Changer This Amazon Prime Day

VINNE's Korean Cushion Foundation: A Game-Changer This Amazon Prime Day


As New York City's skyline lights up, there's a palpable buzz about the upcoming Amazon Prime Day on October 10th and 11th. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, the excitement isn't just about the glitz of Taylor Swift's latest song or the thrill of the National Football League's upcoming matches. It's about the transformative beauty product that's making waves - the VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation.

 VINNE's SPF50 cushion: Tailored coverage for diverse Asian skin

Why Every New Yorker Should Have VINNE in Their Beauty Arsenal:


True Essence of K-Beauty:

VINNE isn’t just a foundation; it encapsulates the magic of K-beauty. With coverage that rivals even the 'perfect diary cushion foundation', it's rapidly becoming the best Korean cushion foundation in New York's high-paced beauty circuits.


A Natural Glow On-the-Go:

Achieve that coveted dewy finish, reminiscent of a fresh New York morning. Enriched with premium Korean ingredients, it ensures your skin always shines, even amidst the city's skyscrapers.


Coverage Fit for a Star:

Whether you're walking the red carpet or just strolling through Central Park, VINNE ensures you always have that flawless, airbrushed look. Its superior coverage is why many consider it among the best drugstore foundations available.


Protection in the City’s Elements:

With New York City's unpredictable weather, VINNE's SPF50 comes to the rescue. Providing essential protection against harmful UV rays, it's a harmonious blend of makeup and skincare.


Stay Fresh from Broadway to Brooklyn:

Lasting 12 hours, it's perfect for those long city days, from work meetings to Taylor Swift concerts. And with its compact design, it's ideal for touch-ups, be it at a National Football League game or a gala event.


VINNE cushion: SPF50 protection with a flawless Korean finish.


Seal the Prime Day Deal


As Amazon Prime Day approaches, it's the perfect time to elevate your makeup game. With discounts galore, don't miss out on adding VINNE to your beauty regimen. After all, in a city that's home to Broadway, the National Football League, and music icons like Taylor Swift, shouldn’t your makeup also be top-tier?


In essence, VINNE's Korean Cushion Foundation is not just a product; it's a New York City lifestyle encapsulated in a compact. Choose VINNE. Let your beauty shine as bright as the city's skyline.

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