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VINNE = 빛내 ('Binn-ae') 빛내 [binn-ae] verb (Korean)
To shine, to illuminate, To bring light and radiance


Revolutionary Quick Cover Hair Cushion

New Look. Enhanced Coverage. Instant Transformation.

Hair Concealer Stick

Sculpt Naturally: Enhance Your Hairline Effortlessly with VINNE's Hair Concealer Stick

Discover VINNE's premium beauty collection tailored for all skin types. Featuring our Sun Protect Cushion Foundation, a versatile hair cushion for quick styling and hydrating lip balms. Achieve perfect, protected skin and effortless style with our innovative products. Shop now for beauty that cares.

Cushion Foundation

Stay Flawless All Day: VINNE's Non-Transfer, Long-Lasting Foundation

Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm

Simply Stunning: Beauty Influencers Love VINNE's Richly Pigmented Lip Balm

From Morning Confidence to Evening Chic: Experience VINNE

Cushion Foundation Natural Beige
Cushion Foundation Light Beige
Hair Concealer Stick Dark Brown
Hair Concealer Stick Natural Black

VINNE in Action: Real Results, Real Beauty

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