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Korean Cushion Foundation Natural Beige

Korean Cushion Foundation Natural Beige

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Elevate Your Beauty Routine with Skin Fit Cover: Effortless Elegance for Every City Moment!

Where Radiance Meets Elegance!

Skin Fit Cover for a Flawless Finish, Every Time!


Ingredients and Features

Moisture 67% on the outside

Skin soothing effect bottle glue extract 30000ppm

Skin primary stimulation test completed human application test

Whitening, wrinkle improvement and UV protection triple functionality


  1. What about the skin expression and durability of the VINNE Glow Cushion?It's an elegant cushion that stays on the skin for a long time with a light finish and falls apart without feeling stuffy
  2. How much coverage is it?                                                                                              It brightens up uneven skin tone and naturally covers defects such as pores and spots
  3. Won't it get thicker when I fix it?                                                                              Even when you put on makeup again after it collapses, it's possible to do it naturally as if it's your first time putting on makeup without getting pushed or thickened

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